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Default Re: Silver seeks script savvy help...

Originally Posted by SeniorStoryTeller View Post
Sex I'm a retired senior who believes I have worthy autobiographical stories to share, and while not a professional writer, I've managed to put down a storyline that needs skilled fine tuning.

I'm not a big pro screenwriter, nor am I looking on rain on your parade. But you do need to consider this...

Having worked with several true-life projects, I can tell you that, on the film side at least, autobiographical works can have incredibly large hurdles. One of the main concerns of the financing firms behind every movie is the required E&O insurance (Errors and Omissions). It covers anything that may have been missed (defamation-wise) that the studio could be sued over. A film won't be made, and the insurance would also be impossible to get, if the life rights to each and every real life individual depicted has not already been legally obtained (we had to actually cut a minor character out because they could not obtain his rights from him, and a different project got totally scuttled after a person WHO WASN'T EVEN GOING TO BE DEPICTED IN THE FILM threatened to sue because of the way her dead husband was portrayed). So, unless these people actually want you to make a film about them, are willing to sign their rights over to you, and are okay with being depicted in a possibly bad light, there's a real risk a producer would not be willing to take this on. Even if you fictionalize it, if there are enough similarities to the real people, they can still sue. (You can really only get away with doing that if the people depicted are public figures).

Again, your results may vary, more experienced folks may have better advice, and results from fiber intake may vary.
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