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Originally Posted by EdFury View Post
Move on. Amazon's new policies and this came straight from my agent, are packaged projects from established showrunners, established writers, production companies, known producers and directors, and those projects come from agencies, agents, managers, referrals from established actors, not C & D listers, successful production companies, and from name directors. They aren't going to choose anything from the open submission pile. That avenue is stone cold dead. It's a tough sled for sure, but people break in all the time, just not from that pile.
Yes to this.

So, this happened:

One spring day, I visited the Amazon Studios forum they called “The Commissary.” There were all of these hopeful, nail-biting neophyte screenwriters asking one another “What does it mean?” with regard to both the direct and the vague answers they would receive from the Amazon moderators as to the status of the screenwriters’ project submissions. Naturally, all of these would-be Oscar-winning writers were ‘massively talented’ undiscovered screenwriters, so their break into “the biz” was imminent. It was only a matter of time, you see.

In one sentence, I sarcastically and jokingly interjected that perhaps Amazon Studios was amassing all the submission scripts, collating their words, and would then use a newly-created Amazon algorithm to generate “the perfect screenplay.”

In so doing, Amazon Studios would thereby bypass any payment for any or all of the projects of all the hopeful newbies and sail off into an Amazon sunset with trillions of dollars gained based on scrawls from a sea of typographical twits. “Ha, ha!” said I, as I laughed at my own sarcastic remark, and thought others would laugh also.

Two weeks later, when I came back to the Amazon Studios “Commissary” forum, the hysterical hypertense screenwriting heretics had adopted my sarcastic remark as a fact. Given Amazon's vast resources, they saw it as a conspiracy theory that they held to be so possible as to be true. They adopted it as Amazon lore.

It was an eyebrow-raising lesson in the levels of misinformation to be attained when crowd psychology and desperation both are at play.

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