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Originally Posted by StoryWriter View Post
I really don't think so. Over the years, I've seen different companies try to open up to direct submissions, often with the best intentions...
There are all sorts of versions of this.

Here's one: /screenplay-competition

It's a bit like Shore Script's short film fund, where they use the revenue from the 'contest' to make a film from the winning short.

In the case of Mammoth, it used to say $100,000 to make the winning feature, but now it's more open-ended in terms of budget. I believe the 'entry fee' is next to nothing. After all, it really is just another 'version' of an open submission system, except they use the contest entry fee to help raise the dough.

(Note that Shore Script doesn't claim any ownership of the produced short, beyond a simple producer credit; whereas in the case of Mammoth it's a standard option-to-buy.)

I'm not complaining. I think this is a legit way for smaller companies to do things, and it opens up a small window of opportunity for writers, though not a particularly lucrative one. I actually had a record of Mammoth's process on file, but when I checked this year I was precisely ONE DAY late for their entry so I missed out!

PS. I dug a bit further. On the FilmFreeway submission site for this 'contest', there's an expectation the screenplay can be made for $100K All the other details are there, including the entry fees of $15/20/25 for early/regular/extended deadlines. That's pretty reasonable, if you have a wee budget 100-pager for consideration. And, I do see that there is an extended deadline, to July 15/19.

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