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Default Re: Continuing on after the workshop

I'm just trying to be practical. I assume this will be a writing sample and won't be a hit TV show. If it is a hit TV show, then they have money to pay off the others. I'm saying, ideas are a dime a dozen. He said he came up with the concept and I believe him. And even if I he thought of a new original idea right now, it may be exactly like the idea I'm writing.

I see people post ideas on here and we're all writing similar things and that's just random ideas...

Freddie seems excited. And sounds like he's been away for a bit for some reason, so I should prefer to encourage the journey and not worry about the business.

If anything it's more a guitly conscience thing than a legal question to me.

Maybe Freddie can PM us the idea and if I think of like 3 TV shows just like it, can he write it? Ha.

For instance, people post on here and I know because poeple have said it -- now I'm going to go write an idea inspired by that idea. I wrote a summer camp movie, my own writing partner notes to me on it was to write his own summer camp movie becuase he got excited by that world. Tottally different movies.

I've been in pitch meetings and I pitch ideas -- producers pitch ideas -- so now say 100s of writers have heard the producers idea. Now I wouldn't write that idea from producer -- but there have been times when I have an idea in my head and I can't remember if it was my idea or from like a meeting six years ago. Do I let it die just becuase it may be someone else's. Or did I say it in the room?

I'm just trying to lay out that I feel strongly ideas are just that. Execution, vocie, talent, actually finishing something is the whole ballgame. If it was just as easy as finding the perfect idea -- then I'd be much happier.

Anyway -- just my two cents.

If Freddie just writes the script and never mentions this again -- who is going to even know besides him? That's all I'm saying. And it's up to him and other writers to determine am I stealing hte work of 2 others or am I taking a throwaway 15 mimute activity and making into a viable property.

Personally I wouldn't be in that situation. I'm not sure what the conference or whatever was all about.

But there are script contests where they lay out scenarios and writers write their version of it -- and I think my bdduy sold one of those scripts.

If someone goes to the logline section and writes the script to the logline I put up htere --- well that's what happens sometimes. I wouldn't be thrilled if it was a good friend on here, but I wouldn't be surpised either...

Anyway -- if you have any contact with the other memebers of the group -- I'd personally reach out to them and see how they feel. But if this is some random meet up, then I don't know...

Do you have another idea -- I'd of course go with that first.
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