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Default Re: How Tone and Voice = Writer's Style (attitude and personality)

Originally Posted by Julysses View Post
I was just setting you up, because I do think you and few people around here don't care about the craft of screenwriting, you just to be right and hope some professional writer will take you under their wing and fly you into hollywood stardom...

I left it ambiguous because you're desperate to be right and would draw the conclusion to attack me.

...just write a good script and be yourself

I'm not sure a literary agent(woman) getting emotional is about the prose of your action lines and I'm sure it more to do with the overall story and empathy for these characters

She's talking about having a voice and someone championing her voice... this is what having a voice is all about, having your own perspective on people and events
oh, this is so precious, i'm going to print it and save it.
“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist,” Pablo Picasso
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