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Default Re: Open source software for screenwriters

Hi, people!

The next update has already been published!

And in it:
the problem of reopening mind maps has now been completely fixed;
fixed a small regression from the previous version with the display of the scene numbers in the script editor;
one more bug when scene numbers was zero is fixed (I hope this was the last problem associated with this);
another problem with the synchronization of projects with collaborators through the cloud was found and fixed;
the dialogs for adding cards, scenes and design elements have been slightly improved.

It seems that version 0.7.1 will soon be rightfully called stable! Meanwhile, we are moving on to work on the next version of KIT Scenarist 0.7.2. In it, many improvements and useful tools will come to us. As I prepare, I will publish small reviews of various innovations.

In addition, we are waiting for a couple of updates to the mobile version, which will add the ability to copy/paste/search for text, the ability to edit the title page and help. And then more and more updates I feel, in the future, a mobile version will need a separate site or, at least section on the site.

Well, for now ... download the update and go to tell your incredible stories!

Download -
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