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Default Re: Atlas Entertainment

It's really pretty simple.
You write a sensational pitch/query/logline,
email it to either/or/all managers, agents,
execs, production companies and then wait
for the rejections to flood in. :-)
Best advice, make contacts in the Biz.
Contacts take you a lot further than cold
queries. Might be tough to do from crooklyn
but there is a NY film community.
As for where to get email addys, anywhere
you can. The internet is loaded with them.
You just have to look. Start a database.
Trade addys here and elsewhere.
It's considered good form NOT to put
good, active email addys in a regular post
for a variety of reasons which is why we
PM them.
Some good advice might be to hunt for
the email addys yourself before hitting the
GOOGLE gives good results.
Good luck.
PSS? Since you come from the theater, it
probably wouldn't hurt to think through everyone
you know in that business and see if any of them
have contacts in LALALAND.

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