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Default Re: Havoc Production Company

Not sure what you're asking. Did you manage to get them to request the script? Well done calling them up, better than emailing.

HCD tends not to list prodcos topped by talent to frustrate the efforts of stalkers, et al.

Also, the majority of these companies are established on the back of vanity deals and do not actually get involved in development. The bona fide production companies among them are often dedicated to a focused slate of auteurial projects.

As a consequence, these prodocs tend not to be in the market for outside material. If they are it can be found via their agents etc, so there's no benefit to being listed in a public directory like HCD. Not being in HCD isn't going to stop the few people who genuinely want to work with them, and have something to offer, from getting in touch -- but it will prevent a tide of generic queries.

Even the longer established co's are often very choosey. Drew Barrymore's Flower Films currently has two studio projects in active development (at least showing on Filmtracker) -- the likes of Brad Pitt's Plan B and Cruise/Wagner, who have at least thirty projects apiece on the burn, are the exception.
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