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Default Re: Havoc Production Company

If Robbins *only* made movies that he had written
He does only make movie's he's written, with Havoc.

Padget, contacting an actor's production company or reps is the same as querying an agent. You call, or email, or write, with a brief description of your script and ask if they'd be interested in reading it.

But Broughcut is correct in pointing out that most actors' prodcos just aren't interested in reading scripts from people they don't know.

Robbins is a perfect example. He's directed three movies. Two he wrote himself, one he adapted from a published book. In addition to this, his company produced two documentaries and a filmed performance of a play he wrote. It just doesn't seem likely they are looking for material from outsiders.

But, never say never, right? Try calling Havoc's Dir. of Development, Bob White. The number I have listed for him is 310-777-1970.

Good Luck.
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