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Finally saw 'The Irishman' and liked very much -- imho Scorsese's best, aside from 'Raging Bull.' I wasn't especially thrilled with the de-aging FX, but still think this approach an improvement over the way many a bad make-up job has negatively affected an otherwise fine performance.

Re complaints about its pace, the speed of individual scenes and cuts have seemed to increase in every decade since the '80s, I think largely due to the Spielberg-Lucas/MTV effect during that period, so that younger audiences (90%?) are now completely conditioned to expect it. Anyone who has seen more than a few movies from, say the 1940-80 period can see that it's possible for a more measured pace to be effective. But, I can understand that it might be difficult for a younger (under-40) demographic to relate to the material -- I probably wouldn't recommend 'Wild Strawberries' to this group either.

Since Oscar noms are Monday, and it now looks as though BP award is coming down to a race between 'The Irishman' and 'Parasite,' will be interesting to see if Spielberg and the opponents of film awards for streamed films with nominal theatrical releases, continue to put up a fight against their inclusion as AA contenders.
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