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Originally Posted by zenplato View Post
Sorry Jim, I've confused your and Steve's posts.

Please accept my apology...

Steve...have you read Poetics? lol!!!
I read one of his once. The one where the hero dies in the end.
LOL - sorry.
Is poetics the big thick one? Cos I read the small thin one, about not having a god arrive down on the stage on the end of a string, and fix everything with a wave of the hand.

But it depends on the post you mean. Jeff tried (and succeeded for a while) in winding me up with one about that. But all I was trying to suggest is maybe there's two storylines with a protag and antag in each. With Rick being the protag of the main storyline, Lazlo being the protag of the secondary storyline, with Rick crossing the two by being Lazlo's antag.

But I'm happy to just accept that Lazlo is the hero who never was.
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