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Jason, nice to see you here ready for questions (or barbs). I'm a little confused by your website, though. Who determined all these top repped and unrepped scripts? Your readers? Is there an example of their coverage somewhere on the site for prospective writers to see?

With the $147 do you also get access to this Coverage Library?

What makes your site different--or better--than Franklin Leonard's Black List, as it seems to be duplication in a sense.

Is there a FAQ which gives more details?

Once you get this coverage and if you score a 60, is the coverage contained on a dedicated script page online that prospective industry players can see or is it just lumped in a database? Or is that what the Coverage Library is?

How many scripts do you have on this library/database? How many industry people have signed up? Do they pay a fee too?

I'm sure others will probably chime in with questions.

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