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Yes and no, LIMAMA. For $147, three paid readers prepare coverage, not our industry pro subscribers. The coverage you get is close in format to the usual 2-3 page review, but with an extra set of comments per reader. It basically breaks down like this: We provide one synopsis (the readers collaborate on it), plus three individual "pass/consider/recommend"-style scores/ratings; three sets of ratings across 10 attributes of the scripts; three sets of comments (which support and illuminate the invidual ratings); and of course the single Spec Scout Score, calculated from all three readers' various scores.

To qualify to be listed in our database, we only consider the Spec Scout Score, which is based on all of the script's coverages. A score of 60 is the threshold for an invitation, but we reserve the right not to extend an invitation to a specific script. For example, a script that gets a couple of "considers" and one "recommend" and has high scores in several key areas may clear the threshold, but it may nonetheless clearly require a revision based on the readers' comments. It's in our interest as well as the writer's to wait for the revision of the script -- the resulting draft will almost certainly score very highly and make a splash.
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