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Hi, Lee. Thanks for the opportunity to keep clarifying what we're up to at Spec Scout.

Regarding your opening question, that's correct -- writers aren't allowed access to the coverage library in the first place, and they only pay the $147 coverage fee once. (That is, once per submission -- if a writer wants us to review a new draft of previously submitted script, we treat it like a brand new submission: Three new coverages, a new Spec Scout Score, the whole nine).

We actually keep all our script submissions in a separate database altogether from the main Spec Scout database. The ones we invite to be included in our coverage library get moved over into it, where they're highlighted in a couple of ways and promoted both separately from and together with the spec market material.

Here are answers to your follow-up questions:

If an industry professional is interested in an unrepped script, how do they get their hands on it? Is is hosted on your site for them?

For now, we're not allowing anyone to download any PDFs (unrepped or repped). We've made it easy for our subscribers to contact the agents/managers behind the projects or, if it's unrepped, to contact the writer directly. We have a form that allows them to be emailed and also to make phone numbers available.

That said, we're planning to make changes to this approach in our next round of development of the site. We'd love input from you and the rest of the DDP community: What do you think the best approach is, from the writers perspective?

Regardless, we'll be as transparent about what we're doing and why as I've been on this thread so far over the past couple of days. And of course, if we make changes to our policy that affects the writers whose material we've invited to be on Spec Scout, we'll let them know directly.

What if there are more than ten top scripts that have a score above 60? Number 11 and others are not highlighted. Will they ever be found or are the top ten lists I see on your website expanded for industry professionals to include all scripts within acceptable range?

The Top 10 lists are just teasers on the public-facing website (in front of the paywall). Once our subscribers log in, they can see ALL of the unrepped scripts we've added to the database. (That's true for the rest of the coverage library as well -- everything we have is available behind the paywall, not just top 10 lists. That's probably obvious...) All unrepped scripts show up alongside the rest of the projects in the database when subscribers do keyword, genre, title and author searches, too.

After submitting a script for coverage, does the writer have access to anything else?

No. Access to the coverage library is limited to industry pros who are actively involved in discovering and acquiring material (on either side of the table): Agents, managers, directors, producers, executives, financiers and their assistants.
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