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Default Re: Black List Website Postmortem

Thanks a great deal for this. All the stats and personal reflections are really valuable.

You mentioned one rewrite for the NY company; how many did you do, and post on BL, over the course of the year? I'm just trying to rationalize that wide variety of scores beyond the usual reasoning of "subjectivity".

And the box office ceiling of $35M wasn't enough incentive to move on a production with a $8M-$10M budget?! What the...?!

Personally, I've never had the money for BL or the similar InkTip posting option, and have pretty well expired my funds on the pitching or newsletter sites. That leaves me (and you should try it) with the free such posting site referred to elsewhere on this board. (I don't want to patronize it here under a BL thread, but you can do a search or PM me)
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