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Default Re: Black List Website Postmortem

Originally Posted by catcon View Post
You mentioned one rewrite for the NY company; how many did you do, and post on BL, over the course of the year? I'm just trying to rationalize that wide variety of scores beyond the usual reasoning of "subjectivity".
I had the same draft of the script posted for about 6 months. It was the one that got these reader scores: 8-8-6-7-7-7-6, and most of the heat / attention.

After I hooked up with the NY based director, he wanted me to do a rewrite with 2 main objectives: Reduce the page count by 10-15 (from 120 to 105-110) because in the independent film world, every page cut can mean a 50-100 thousand dollar savings, and second, remove an extended scene of graphic violence near the end of the script that he felt cheapened it to a level of exploitation and come up with a new finale (the fact that it was that scene that caused most of the heat among readers in the beginning meant nothing to him).

I liked the changes (still do) but I re-uploaded it to see if I had done any major damage to the spine of the story.

The first review was an 8 (posted above) that made me feel like we had improved it for the better. But then that was quickly followed by (2) 5's, a 7 and a 6, so who knows? Future versions of this script will probably combine elements of both.

I have so many written reviews for this script, and most of them are literally at odds with each other.

I have come to the conclusion that readers make up their minds very quickly (10-15 pages) whether they like a script or not, and spend the rest of the read building a case to support it.

If they don't like it, they will make a point of calling you out for a 3rd act plot coincidence. If they love it, they could never be bothered to notice such trivialities.

There were also the occasional negative reviews that called my script 'old fashioned' because it had a straight white male protagonist. You can not fight that kind of mindset, nor should you try. Best to keep you chin up and move on.

Also, IN THEORY the difference between 6-7-8 isn't that big. The 6's are very complimentary. They just aren't Raves... I have to admit, the 5s hurt though.

Originally Posted by catcon View Post
And the box office ceiling of $35M wasn't enough incentive to move on a production with a $8M-$10M budget?! What the...?!
It's madness, for sure, where somehow you have to estimate 70M+ to guarantee it won't bomb (the fact that Brawl In Cell Block 99 was DOA in theaters doesn't help).... I have been told by more than one person that the audience for crime stories is at home in front of their tv's. I have learned my lesson and will learn the pilot format.

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