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Default Re: Black List Website Postmortem

I had a similar situation to Kinterboy, and thought I share in case it is of interest to someone out there.

I paid for an eval in December 2017 --the only paid read for this script. It randomly scored a 9, which gave me three free evals. One of those was an 8 so I got two more free reads. In the end I had 14 evals: the one I paid for, the 5 free BL ones, and 8 industry ones. The paid one was a 9, the 5 free ones were 8, 7, 7, 6, 6. The industry ones were: 6,7,7,7, 8,8,8,8.

I also got to be featured script in spring. I donít know how many months I ended up paying for hosting after the free hosting they gave me. In the past 12 months, I had 40 industry downloads (again, eight of them evaluated the script which was nice as you need to have a good number of evals to keep it listed on the top lists for year to date) and 1,238 views (whatever those are).

Disappointingly, only two producers (and no reps) reached out to me and though one was very interested in optioning it, in the end it didnít pan out. I believe high scores can be used in queries, but my little character-driven drama is low concept and not the type that is universally loved. I did some querying with '9 on Blacklist' in the subject line and maybe got 2 or 3 read requests. I may not have selected the right reps to reach out to, and my logline is evidently not very compelling (which I suspect is part of my problem in not being able to capitalize on some decent scores.)

To my DDP friends: I got some solid feed back from you guys as I was crafting the story--as painful as it can be. (I had a family in a car and the parents telling the kids they were getting a divorce. I remember someone saying "you can do better" ... and I did.)

On a side note, I feel that the Black List treated me well. Frankly, the high scores were super encouraging to me, and that is huge. I was always aware that somehow my script simply connected with the very first BL reader who gave it a 9, so when later two BL readers gave it disappointing 6s, I was able to shrug it off, because clearly it did not resonate with them.
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