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Originally Posted by spyder23 View Post
Update: I have still never received a rejection email from AS on two projects that were in Deciding for 13 months before they shutdown submissions.

So I reached out to them via chat.

I was told my projects are still being reviewed.

Bottom line... even though all projects were removed from your profile page and they are no longer taking submissions as of June 30th 2018-- if you submitted anything prior to June 30th and you never got a rejection notice-- even to this day-- then they are still looking at them.

I had a buddy just email me that he just got a rejection this morning on a project they had for about 8 months. I'm going on 15 months now on both of mine so who knows.

Thanks for this update. I've had a TV pilot in DECIDING phase since February and figured it was just a silent pass.

Good luck to the folks still waiting for a yes/no.
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