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Default Re: TrackingB vs Tracking Board Launch Pad

Nice to receive your calm, thoughtful consideration on the topic of so-called "faith" films.

Anyway, I have my own no-go zone: I check a producer's credits, and if they've done anything pornographic - by which I mean hiring a bunch of nobodies to frolic in the nude for any more than 10 percent of the film, with the express purpose of generating a crass almighty buck while bypassing any serious attempt at respect, creativity, and meaning in the film, and avoid doing the honest hard work of, well, "work" - they don't get a chance to make a penny, let alone millions, off of my I.P.

Until we sign on the bottom line, it's the one and only time we get to be God - sorry, "dictator" - about the fate of our written creations.
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