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So happy for you, Wenonah! Thank you for sharing what your life has been like since winning both Nicholl and Austin. It's great to get a firsthand account of what these contests can do for your career (don't think many former winners have done so on DDP).

A quick question -- did you query HORSEHEAD GIRLS with any managers/agents/prodcos prior to winning the contests? And if so, did some of those same places that showed no interest before become interested after you won? Just curious, as I experienced this the first time I had a Nicholl QF script. Of course, you don't have to give any specific companies/names.

I finished up Horsehead Girls the first week of March a year ago for a local Minnesota screenwriters fellowship (McKnight foundation) which I also won. I submitted the finished script to the Nicholl the same week and Austin shortly thereafter so the script was brand spanking new and nobody had laid eyes on it prior to my submissions. I also submitted to PAGE but only made QF with it so that's a testament to the subjectivity and proof that not all competitions are looking for the same thing.
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