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Originally Posted by finalact4 View Post
this is just my opinion, but i do think Nicholl prefers a 'type' of story. And when i say this, i in no way mean that these are not quality stories worth winning or placing.

independent leanings
lower budget
smaller cast
non-specific location (ie small town vs multiple, big city)
character driven focus vs plot driven
internal struggle (journey) stronger than external (journey)
primary genres drama and comedy

here is a link to their judging criteria.

clearly, i do not have empirical knowledge. it's just what i believe after reviewing loglines.

there's no way to know what the overall submissions are, but i think anyone might reasonably assume that since it is the most prestigious amateur competition that everyone, regardless of genre, would enter.

then again, i didn't, so maybe there are others that feel as i do. don't know.

so, imo, if you write or have written a high concept, highly commercial, epic sci-fi/fantasy, or high budget plot driven script (yes, i know plot is driven by character), maybe this is not the competition for you.

and, just because you don't win or place in the Nicholl does not mean you aren't an excellent writer or your story isn't amazing. it's still very subjective.

what i think is interesting is writers submit the same script year after year. i understand if it's gone through an overhaul rewrite, maybe, but i read one person who said they sent in the same script twice and both times they were a semifinalist. i mean, if you're a semifinalist i'm pretty sure you get to keep the title forever, right? it's just a curious thing to me.

i'll bet there've been writers who placed then submitted the next year and didn't place at all, right? like, count your blessings-- i mean, it's that subjective.

or even a writer who entered one year didn't place and the next year did, right?

maybe i'd feel different if i was a semi and really wanted to get the win. but it's like, okay, you tried twice, move on and accept your place. they've already told you you were good.

maybe it's the fellowship they're after?

Haha, I guess I am to blame for this discussion. I was kind of surprised to see that an off the cuff comment by me has generated a 3 page discussion. But, I love the interesting discussion.

You articulated it better than me. I assumed it was general knowledge. I've heard managers on podcasts make similar comments. And I've had discussions with industry readers that had set me straight to be cognizant of the type of material to submit for the different contests - i.e. if I ever decide to enter Nicholl to have one that Nicholl would be more receptive to. I was steered to look at the loglines of the past finalists to get a sense and I realized that I didn't have a project that fit that mold yet. One of these days I'll look into it, but so far I can't come up with an idea in that range. As for contestants that submit scripts that placed highly in contests year after year, I thought writers who place highly one year aren't eligible to submit that script the following year? I had checked with a contest organizer when she gave me the good news about the question of if a contestant placed highly, but wasn't the overall winner....and she said no, they weren't eligible. Anyways, it's kind of nice that done dealers are so hard core about the craft. It seems like almost everyone on this board has done well in contests and are seriously dedicated to the craft.
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