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Originally Posted by JaGra View Post
As for the type of scripts that do better in this contest,

-female protagonist who struggles against an oppressive, male dominated society.
-pro #metoo #timesup
-may be kind of boring but speaks to important ‘social issues’ (liberal leaning)
Do you have actual evidence of this? Because I've found people often spout out "facts" like these without performing any kind of actual analysis. We're all happy to see any numbers.

Originally Posted by JaGra View Post
It didn’t used to be this way befor the current Program Director Swicord took over. It used to be about screenwriting talent, now Swicord turned it into a social issues contest and she even states, screenwriting ability is not the number 1 criteria.

Most of the winning scripts are the types of movies that are ‘socially important’, but not the types of movies audiences line up to go see because they’re awesome.
I watched the video link you provided. In it, Robin says that craft is indeed important; however, the most important thing to the Nicholl is not "perfection" in craft. She emphasizes three things the Nicholl is looking for: stories that are original, stories that are thought-provoking, and stories that "encompass the full spectrum of all human behavior" (direct quote).

So, it appears that their criteria includes a mix of craft and powerful story (there is no reference to "social issues" in her speech). I'm pretty sure this has always been Nicholl's mission. And I don't see what's wrong with it, as a script could have all the craft in the world and still feel meaningless.

There are a million screenwriting contests out there, many of which prioritize more commercial stories. You're free to enter those. You don't have to denigrate the Nicholl just because you don't agree with its mission.
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