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Default Re: I did it my wayyyyyyyy

Actually, fukk it. Here...

1) Took the shot myself. Because I couldn't find what I wanted. That's my chick acting as my mom. Added the rain afterwords. Made a sunny day look rainy (do that that sh!t). BTW - I did it guerilla style. Bought some flowers and took a ladder to the cemetary for a high angle shot "okay, quick, lay down, put your arm like this!" CLICK CLICK CLICK. Cool got the shot. Dude pulls up "Excuse me, do you have a permit?" Dude, we already got the shot, chill bruh! HA!

2) The jet was originally blue sky, photoshopped it to be blood red skies. Changed the sky to match what I wanted.

3) The original pic had no money or coke on the ground. Added it.

POINT: Make your sh!t look cool! Make it fit the story EXACTLY!
Bruh, fukkin *smooches*! Feel me? Ha!

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