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Default Re: I did it my wayyyyyyyy

I made some cool reality TV pitches with tons of great artwork -- never helped. The show we got on the air (1 episode) was 1/2 page word document. So just saying....

I know directors have to make LOOK BOOKS which makes 100% sense to need visuals. But being writers, I don't think artwork is going to help sell the show. Not going to hurt -- i'm just saying -- you're not putting pictures in the script you're sending them? Right?

I've written TV bibles -- just words. Maybe not as in depth as you have gone for sure.

Some of these old ones still seem pretty solid.

What I'm trying to say is you could make the most amazing bibles, but the words and story are what matter not the cool graphics.

Half the time this town isn't even paying attention.

Every time I hear about writing up these bibles for people, I'm thinking as short as possible. They don't want to read too much. I think most of the time they just want to know other ideas for episodes and character breakdowns.

I'm talking out of my fat ass -- but that's my perspective as of right now.
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