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Default Re: Character dilemma... any thoughts?

1) The reason I responded to this thread a few days ago was the OP didn't appear to understand SA is not a form of physical self-control versus being horny.

The act of having meaningless sex is physical, but that's not what SA is at its core. It's an emotional state of distress and it is a psychological disorder.

Not to be an ass, but if the OP didn't know the difference between SA and being horny (masturbating in public), then this is just one of the underlying "problems" this script might have aside from the rest of its execution.

2) This is just my personal opinion, but being caught masturbating in public seems cliche and overly simplistic in terms of a comedy gag so, I urge the OP to think of something A) funnier, and B) something more compelling as the inciting incident.

Screenwriting and writing in general is about making choices. Creative, unusual and interesting choices. Sometimes it's hard to come up with those choices, but the time and effort it takes to do so can often pay dividends with the final script being that much better for it.
Positive outcomes. Only.

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