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Default Re: Really Stupid Question

here's a really fantastic answer to your stupid question:
Originally Posted by BuckarooBanzai View Post
It's a War Movie about how the P-51 Mustang changed WWII. (Fascinating story.) I didn't write it for him but during the research I discovered that he owns and flies his own personal P-51 Mustang. People who own these beautiful warbirds are obsessed with them. It's the perfect script for Mr. Cruise but he'll never see it. Though I will try his agent - sigh...
call his agent and leave the message that you accidentally scratched tom's P-51. you left a note on the plane but were not sure when he was going to fly again.

then hang out by the airport where he keeps his plane and wait for him to show up. then make your move. tell him how you need P-51s for your next movie project and you saw his WOW!!! it's perfect!

if he gets angry then just tell him he should be happy because his P-51 has not been scratched.

if he doesn't appreciate the guts you have to pull something like that then there's something really wrong with him. well, there IS something wrong with him but... who cares? he's can sell a movie.

and if he says, tell your agent to send it over then it should be easy to find an agent if you can legitimately tell them that tom is waiting for your script.
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