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Default Re: Streaming Services - New Ops for MOW Projects

Most of the big development deals with & for Netflix are with big creators who create their own material: Ryan Murphy, Shonda Rhymes, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, Mtt Reeves, etc. As noted above essentially, Netflix has money and can focus on the "best of the best." People who have delivered time & time again.

Here is one list which was easy to dig up:

We also try our best to list on the main site if a company has a development, production, and/or overall with a studio, financier or network. One can search listings for just Netflix, see who the associated companies are with each deal, and then click through on each one from there to who might have a deal with the streamer. In either case, if a company is making something with them, they have a huge leap on any & everyone else for the most part. Much easier to walk something in the door vs. what "John Doe" could ever do. And not to push our site, but you can search for "Netflix" and "TV movie" to see more specifically those exact type deals and who the companies are, for example.

OR if our site isn't for you, you can research different TV movies (and shows even) set up at Netflix and see who the production companies are associated with them. And then target those. Always tough but getting someone who knows them to walk in your projects will always be best, of course.
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