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Default Re: Streaming Services - New Ops for MOW Projects

Originally Posted by socalwriter1 View Post
finalact4 -- how do you identify them?

I follow the trades (Variety,, The HR) but haven't seen any mentions about any development deals with the Services.
So I use both DDP and IMDBpro. As members have stated previously, some information may no longer be accurate. i'm not sure if that effects the big companies, but you work with the cards you're dealt. but when you "google" the companies, you can gain some insight when people leave on their own. Daniel Vang is a good example -->Energy Entertainment-->Good Fear-->3Arts

--> Monthly lookup of all deals. I look at managers, agents, networks, studios and prodcos on each to identify those of interest.

--> once i have an element of interest i look into both their TV and feature deals over time. so if it's Netflix, i look at all those prodcos.

--> then drill down into the deals they've had and identify producers and types of films (genre, budget, that kind of thing) if they fit, i add them to my contact list and work to obtain email contacts. Rocketreach is really good for this but you only get 9 FREE "asks" before you have to pay for it. i only use that for when i can't find anything.

--> i really use DDP to keep up on the deals. i like to know which managers are selling ****, you know?

--> Look up Netflix

--> drill into filmography, clients, companies, clients (specific to type eg managers/agents/prodcos), staff and affiliations

--> affiliations is the tab that gets you to production deals and who they work with (Netflix lists 17 affiliations

--> 1492 Chris Columbus company. i drill down to learn who is on staff and under "affiliations" under this company and if they have a production deal with anyone. in this case, 1492 has one production deal with only Netflix.

--> drilling down into Red Envelope Entertainment under affiliates we learn that they are a subsidiary of Netflix, and have production deals with "Warehouze" and Superlative Stimuli

--> then i'll look up their filmograghy and staff

--> once i have someone i want to contact i will also google search them to find out info under deadline or THR and then just a general look. you can learn that someone has left and started a new company on their own, that kind of thing.

As with all information, some people will list some kind of email contact, i list that on my contact spreadsheet and as soon as i have found one for a specific person, i add it to the list. that way i have the email structure.

You can also start with a show on Netflix or Amazon that you enjoyed. For example OZARK you learn that Zero Gravity Management and Media Rights Capital (both under ZGM) were the production companies, you can see all the companies that are credited as well, EG the company that provided their payroll or cranes (if you want to know, i don't)

the development deals, when they are publicized are in Deadline and THR. i can't tell you how many emails from both of these subscriptions i have to delete on a daily basis, it's enormous. but that's how you keep up. do i read them all, hell no. i only read what interests me.

be warned, you have to be disciplined to know when you have enough information and STOP because this can become a big opportunity to procrastinate.

good luck. it takes time, but getting the information helps you a great deal.
hope this helps.

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