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Default Re: Does anyone know about Entertainment Research Institute?

They called us to see if our TV project was still available and want us to do a pitch call to an as yet unidentified producer.
Ah yes - their famous 'pitch call'.

In the old days it was simple - you'd have a conversation with an unidentified producer who would mysteriously refuse to tell you his name or credits. He would listen to your pitch, then tell you he's 'recommending' you for some "elite coverage" which will cost you $500.

They might have also hit you for a $260 'enrollment fee' before the 'pitch call'. The company was run by some guy with a camera hire business in Dallas !!

They would get 'clients' by simply spamming people .. but pretend it was a 'VIP' program.

If you have time to waste and want to yank their chain for a while, let us know how it goes - I certainly hope they are more polished now !

(PS: I suspect the producer will remain unnamed until you pay them money.)
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