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Originally Posted by haroldhecuba View Post
As far as fatal flaws, there is no greater flaw than in The Fellowship of the Ring when they're discussing what to do with the One Ring: Just have the eagle drop it into the volcano. Yeah, yeah, before all the Ring fans get up in arms about how the eagles wouldn't be involved in the affairs of man, blahblahblah...but you woulda thought SOMEONE would've mentioned it.

Wow. I can't believe in all the times I read the books I never, ever thought of that.

Originally Posted by Steven Jenkins View Post
hmm - maybe there''s some more milage in that one too - unless this idea itself is a big plot-flaw...? I mean, imagine if Luke's quest was one of many, with 20-30 other messangers showing up at the rebel-base long before he does.
That would be kinda cool, and kinda funny, and also kinda anticlimactic. If you were to go that route, you might need to have your protag learn about all the other messengers in late Act II, and then go on to save the day himself in Act III. Somehow.
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