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Default Re: Major Prodco Exec requested script but need agent or manager

Originally Posted by speedyreader310 View Post
I'm surprised at the number of people who think this is a pass...

Hard to tell what's going on. Could be someone who's newly promoted and hasn't learned to slip things through. Could be someone whose company is lawsuit paranoid and really does have an ironfast no unsolicited submissions policy. Could be this is his way of passing. All production execs deal with managers and agents on a daily basis. Ask him if there's anyone he recommends and and see if he will introduce you. If he really likes your pitch, he'll recommend you. If he skirts your question or doesn't answer, it's a pass.
If you look above, it IS one of those 4 I listed, so, they do have pretty strict policy. I also think another part of is, hypothetically he loves it. I think it looks better for him and his cred if he has an agent or at least a manager to defer to when pitching it to his boss.

So anyway, the other part of this is I was not the one who pitched, I don't think she even "pitched" him, they just had a great time, and bonded/connected/ with each other over that weekend, and through that of getting to know each other, she brought up our script and they took it from there.

I'll be happy to keep yall posted and updated, thank again for all the feedback.
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