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Default Re: Major Prodco Exec requested script but need agent or manager

Agree with pretty much everybody, before I had reps I had execs read stuff I pitched them throughout the course of my networking/party whoring. In that time I'd also gotten a couple "Oh we'd need an agent to send it over." Which, seeing as I had probably mentioned I was unrepped, I took as a polite pass.

The policies are in place to deal with the teeming masses who want to jam their script down the throats of anybody they can find. I may be wrong, but I'd imagine a good exec would not only not be reprimanded for finding a "diamond in the rough" unrepresented script, but would probably be lauded for getting outside the system and finding a script from a new voice.

The only time I've ever heard "have your manager/agent send it over" now are because whoever it is knows or has worked with the respective rep before, and maybe they'd rather deal with them than me personally, but it's not for any sort of legal or policy-related reason.
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