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Originally Posted by karsten View Post
Well, evidently if one wishes to come across a review that departs from lock-step adulation . . .

. . . then, yes, it may well be a place to turn to.
Two things:

1) This section of the DDP forum is typically where DDP members come to provide their own reviews of movies. Anyone can post links to reviews from other websites, but it doesn't mean much here if you haven't actually seen the movie yourself.

2) I don't have a problem with people sharing alternative viewpoints. However:

a) I try to avoid movie reviews from websites that are primarily focused on politics. This is because the reviews tend to have a strong political bent as well. So, for example, I wouldn't go to the Huffington Post for a movie review. Taki Magazine was founded expressly with the intent to "shake up the stodgy world of so-called “conservative” opinion" ( It has an explicitly political purpose.

b) I try to avoid movie reviews from people like this Steve Sailer guy. People who regularly contribute to, a website which "regularly publishes articles by prominent white nationalists, race scientists and anti-Semites", according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (
You know, guys who have a history of viewpoints like this: "Sailer cites studies that say, on average, blacks and Mexicans in America have lower IQs than whites" (

But, that's just me.
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