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Default Re: You're a producer, fo realz???

I'm going through this same exact thing right now.

I worked for months (for free!) on a TV pitch with a producer. The whole time he's engaged, excited, can't wait to get out there and pitch (never mind he has a handful of indie feature creds and zero TV experience -- guy knows f*ck-all about developing TV and it showed).

We pitch a few places. Couple of biggies. We get all passes, as one would expect from the likes of us with no big names attached. But he was hopelessly naive in thinking that we were going to sell. He really believed this. But me, being the more practically minded one, knew exactly what would happen.

We have one more pitch set up. We get some feedback from the other places. They were concerned about the series' longevity. They felt the story was thin and they weren't sure if it could last beyond a season (both issues I tried to address in developing, but because he knows jacksh!t about developing TV, he basically f*cked us from the get-go).

So with two weeks until we pitch, he wants me to go back to the drawing board and completely revamp it. Awesome, more free work for me! I come up with some ideas and we have a call. He doesn't like any of it. Well, f*ck him. But I play the good soldier (as I had been doing) and tell him I'll go back in again. Two days later I hand in a document. That's the Friday before 4th of July week. He doesn't respond. No "Thanks, I'll read and circle back." No acknowledgement of any kind.

I wait until after the 4th and email to see if he's read. Yes, he did. And again, he didn't like. But he said nothing the entire time. Keep in mind this is a pitch he was flipping over for months. He loved it. And then suddenly, he went Arctic f*cking cold. Why, who knows? Maybe he finally saw the writing on the wall. Maybe deep down he realized that he doesn't know what the f*ck he's doing (but given his clueless naivete, I doubt it!)

Regardless, this assh*le wants to cancel the last pitch. Fine, I say. Better to do that than go in with a pitch he's suddenly sour on. And to be honest, I was never that into it. He turned a cool idea into something I would never write or come up with on my own. We had a great world, and he reduced it down to a f*cking lame CW show. What the f*ck!

Anyway, I hear you! Some of these guys/gals are complete tools. It doesn't help that this particular producer is a former actor. But I digress. I really wish people would be straight up instead of pulling this silent treatment sh*t. Sack up, producers!
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