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Default Re: Scriptapalooza Finalists (2010)

Originally Posted by LauriD View Post
I see that the early deadline for 2011 is coming up Jan 5...

Any of the finalists (or is there a winner by now?) want to comment on their experience with this one?
Juice by Andrew James Carter was the grand prize winner.

Here's the logline:

When cynical hitman "Cane" is hired to take the life of London's top crimelord,it seems a challenge too good to miss. Except this isn't just some normal contract-kill - it's five contracts, from five different sources - all of whom believe they're acting alone, and all of whom would kill him if they learned otherwise. As Cane tries to set-up the hit and balance his clients' mutual ignorance, he soon realizes he may have bitten off more than he canchew.

Sounds kind of cool.
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