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Default Re: Diablo Cody article

Originally Posted by figment View Post
LA Times article on Diablo Cody for her new film, Ricki and the Flash.

Though still unconventional, she seems to eschew "fame" now.

So, my question is -- do you get to be Diablo Cody if you weren't a vehicle for everyone's ire/love/gossip to begin with? Because a lot of that hoopla over her being a stripper and whatnot (imo) led to her getting a ton of work that if she were just some average new writer girl -- she wouldn't have gotten those opportunities? Thoughts?

I always viewed her and someone like Max Landis as being similar -- known for behavior first, and their scripts second. Don't know if that's fair, though.

Ok...getting back on track (or attempting to, anyway...)

Her background as a stripper certainly piqued people's interest. The press introduced her as "former exotic dancer Diablo Cody" repeatedly. I think she's earned her stripes through her writing talent. She wouldn't be where she's at if she had no talent to begin with.

I, too, am a stripper/screenwriter/actress. I feel that if I were to get recognized someday, it would be hopefully for the story I have to tell. Glad to see from her example that you can go from stripper to screenwriter successfully, as long as you do the work and you have the talent and tenacity to back youself up. It gives me hope.
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