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Default You're a producer, fo realz???

I don't get this and never will:

So, a friend of mine intros me to a producer. He responds "Would love to read, will take a look this weekend."

Me: "Great. Look forward to your thoughts!"

WHAT THE FUKK EVER... basic b!tch response.

Dude flat out GHOSTS me. Dude never returns. Seriously? Who does business this way? Don't worry bro, never gonna check in with you. Our relationship is permanently dead. Tells me a fukk ton about someone's work ethic. That's a dude who would never get your back. Someone burns me like that, peace!

My gripe is... WHY am I the more professional one in ALL of these scenarios? Thought I was the flakey artist dude? Meanwhile I hand the script in on time or early. I communicate exactly when I say I will. I'm on my game hardcore. These people that much of a pu$$y? Bruh, just be like "Not for me man, later!" Okay, no worries bruh, been through this a billion times.

This industry is unnecessarily rude.
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