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Originally Posted by Biohazard View Post
Like I said - It's Rick's story.

The fact that this is even under discussion saddens me to no end. I just refuse to believe that so many WRITERS have trouble comprehending one of the most fundamental elements of storytelling.

what many "WRITERS" are you talking about? isn't it just one dood (or is it 2?) who thinks lazlo is the protag and others trying to convince him that he's wrong?!

when i first saw this post about someone rewatching casablanca to prove a point, i laughed. but now (after your post) i see it differently. billmarq was going out of his way to see if he could see what this guy was seeing in lazlo. obviously, he couldn't do it b/c yeah, the guy is deranged.

but so what. this shouldn't make you sad. you're so melodramatic!
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