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I did not denigrate Nichollís position. I simply clarified that which is highly misleading. They are often billed as the best screenwriting contest, but in reality actual screenwriting craft is not their number 1 priority.

They enjoy the false narrative of looking for the best screenwriters because it keeps them rated number 1 with lots of submission fees paid by people who have no chance because they wrote a comedy that may be highly entertaining but has zero chance because itís not about some important serious issues a la The Big Sick.

In one year two finalist scripts were about the horrors of female circumscision. Two out of 7000 just happened to have the best screenwriting craft And oh by coincidence theyíre both about the same female social struggle issue? This is a blatant case of whatís really going on. Itís social importance over screenwriting craft by far, and they should market and advertise the contest that way to keep things above board and fair, and stop swindling the comedy, sci fi, action adventures writers out of their submission fees because they might not have added important issues to their already entertaining scripts.

Youíre right I donít have to apply to Nicholl. As I said in my original post, they gets not a dime from me. But someone asked what types of scripts theyíre looking for. I answered honestly. Honesty is not denigration. All the numbers I alluded to in previous posts are there to be verified if you want to do the research yourself. If you think Iím going to go out of my way to provide everything to you on a silver platter, forget it. Especially since most of you would choose to believe the false narrative over the truth even in the face of evidence. Start with the 70/30 m/f submissions. You can find that on Nicholl website. Then you can ask why the make up of finalists and winners doesnít approach that ratio anymore?

Weíll see who was correct when this years list of finalists comes out. I got female protagonist scripts for the win and it wonít be close.

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Do you have actual evidence of this? Because I've found people often spout out "facts" like these without performing any kind of actual analysis. We're all happy to see any numbers.

I watched the video link you provided. In it, Robin says that craft is indeed important; however, the most important thing to the Nicholl is not "perfection" in craft. She emphasizes three things the Nicholl is looking for: stories that are original, stories that are thought-provoking, and stories that "encompass the full spectrum of all human behavior" (direct quote).

So, it appears that their criteria includes a mix of craft and powerful story (there is no reference to "social issues" in her speech). I'm pretty sure this has always been Nicholl's mission. And I don't see what's wrong with it, as a script could have all the craft in the world and still feel meaningless.

There are a million screenwriting contests out there, many of which prioritize more commercial stories. You're free to enter those. You don't have to denigrate the Nicholl just because you don't agree with its mission.
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