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Default Re: You're a producer, fo realz???

On a scale from one to ******* you are barely skimming the surface of the pathological shittiness that pervades our industry.

A decade ago I was in Paris as an exchange student, living the dream and studying film. A young, hot Hollywood producer read a draft of a script I wrote. She liked it but wanted to make it more Bourne identity. Gave me a bunch of very vague notes, of course she didn’t pay me a penny, but she was checking in regularly asking when I would have a draft ready. I sacrificed three months of my Parisian experience to sit in the kitchen of the apartment I was renting (the only room with wifi) and pound away thinking that this was my big break. I sent it to her. She didn’t like it. But what’s worse is: she didn’t even have the dignity to respond. She had her assistant drop me a rote two line email and then vanished. I will never forget that and I sincerely hope to cross paths with her so I can tell her what a pigfuk she was. Blew three months of my Parisian experience just because she half-assedly cooked up a note whilst taking a Monday morning monster shite.

Three things I’ve concluded:

1) producers think that this is normal behavior and therefore they act this way in a perverted attempt to emulate those who are successful and act this way. It’s the same reason why young producers will scream or throw things or act without a basic moral code. They read an article about Scott Rudin and they think ”oh ok. That’s how you play this game”. What they don’t realize is that there are many producers who keep their decency and still manage to be successful. They’re making a choice and so can you by not working with dip shits.

2) producers are so used to blaring out bullshit a la “I am so excited!“ ... “this will be huge”... “you’re gonna kill it” that when the dice is rolled and they come up short they’re basically left standing with their coks in their hands. So they wriggle their way into the shadows and hope that you forget all about it when it falls apart because inevitably they fear that you might point the finger at them for making grandiose and unfounded promises.

3) you have more power than you think. The power to never work with people who don’t act correctly, first and foremost. Getting ghosted might sting at the beginning, but you will get a weird thrill out of adding names to your kill list a.k.a. your list of people you will never ever ever consider working with. When you have that hot script that everybody wants to read, you will make a point to your agent that the bastard who ignored you doesn’t deserve to even know the log line to your latest masterpiece. Petty and vindictive , sure. But as Ferris would say “then again. So is high school”

You also have the power to pick up the phone or sit at your email and politely tell somebody to go **** themselves. I know this is probably not a wise decision politically, but people do this all the time and it actually might make you stronger in the long run. Because that producer will know that you are a temperamental unstable writer – also known as a genius.

Originally Posted by GucciGhostXXX View Post
I don't get this and never will:

So, a friend of mine intros me to a producer. He responds "Would love to read, will take a look this weekend."

Me: "Great. Look forward to your thoughts!"

WHAT THE FUKK EVER... basic b!tch response.

Dude flat out GHOSTS me. Dude never returns. Seriously? Who does business this way? Don't worry bro, never gonna check in with you. Our relationship is permanently dead. Tells me a fukk ton about someone's work ethic. That's a dude who would never get your back. Someone burns me like that, peace!

My gripe is... WHY am I the more professional one in ALL of these scenarios? Thought I was the flakey artist dude? Meanwhile I hand the script in on time or early. I communicate exactly when I say I will. I'm on my game hardcore. These people that much of a pu$$y? Bruh, just be like "Not for me man, later!" Okay, no worries bruh, been through this a billion times.

This industry is unnecessarily rude.
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