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Default Re: Juno - Playing Everywhere Christmas Day

Originally Posted by DramaKing View Post
What Goon Squad said.

Don't revise history to suit your distorted view of reality.

Juno was not a self financed and self made film.

It was a script that was sold to a major studio, produced by a major studio, promoted by a major studio and distributed by a major studio.

Obviously studios buy all kinds of stories.

Instead of making excuses for why your script didn't sell, try making reasons for someone to buy it.
Drama King certainly fits you perfectly as a screen name.

First off, I only have ONE script and I haven't even marketed it yet. Secondly, I only thought Juno was independent since it was in selected markets, and a theatre that NEVER has major productions shown there. So I stand corrected on that. Sorry.

The biggest hangup I have had about becoming a writer is that some of them have such nasty attitudes like Drama King. I'm actually a very nice person. Maybe I should be an executive producer instead.
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