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Default Re: Project requested, no agent/manager to send it

Originally Posted by Lahlowen View Post
...All that being said, you also have to balance this with realism. Actors, directors, etc do have everybody coming at them - often times to use them ("hey, attach to this and THEN we can go get some money/interest from others")...
Even at my outsider stage as a puny unsold writer, for a couple of low-budget, art house-type projects, I've begun to approach actors/directors with informal requests for attachment, or even something more formal:
Letters of Intent

This isn't to use them at all, at least in any negative way. There's no commitment to these things, and the other talent and financiers I'd approach know this very well. Mostly, it's just to get a bankable name associated with the project, in some way, in any way, in an attempt to assemble some of the many, many pieces to help get things rolling.

Sure, no serious artist is going to let their name be associated with a stupid project or anything against their wishes, but especially in the Indie world I imagine these informal arrangements happen by the truckload. I'm sure the vast majority of them don't come near to making the trade magazines.

And yes, I personally have gotten nowhere with these things, so far. At my unproduced stage nobody's going to attach unless the project has a major contest win or referral, and even then not unless there's a Producer-of-Record attached. Thus I find myself back at square one: Trying to induce a producer to take on the project. Yet, haven't we all seen websites of some of these who've said "packaged projects" (a few or even a single element) are given preference?

It does seem in this business, from the Indie realm through to the Studios, nobody wants to be the first to commit.

So, while Goldman said "Nobody knows anything," I say "Nobody wants to go first."
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