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Originally Posted by JoeNYC View Post

This was the point of my post to new writers. Query agents, managers, producers, not major studios. I believe taking this road is more practical and effective to achieving a writer's goal of becoming a working professional. Listening to these professionals on how to make your script strong, and then listen to them on what they feel is the best strategy on how to market/approach the major studios.

I know what you, general writer, is thinking: Hey dude, my script's great. It won in a big contest; my university professor said it's great; my fellow university students and peers say it's great, so why not shoot a query straight to the big guys (major studios)?

I know this type of attitude is out there, so this is why I listed my top 3 screenwriting advice to writers. Number 3 is important: patience.

Everything in that "Hey dude, my script's great" paragraph is not a made up hypothetical. That's a true story. A writer thought his script was great. He got a manager and thought it would be sent right out to sell, but the manager told him, "The script's good, but it's not great. It needs work before we approach studios."

Needless to say, hearing this the writer was devastated, considering all the accolades that he had gotten from contests, professors and peers.

The writer admitted that after implementing notes from the manager and rewriting and rewriting and more rewriting the script became better and stronger, where now it was ready to go to studios. It sold.

These professionals know the market and what they want. They know how to improve a script. Be patient. Don't rush to send queries to major studios when you're not ready. Seek representation, first. Or, a producer.

There is no screenwriting law that says you're not allowed to send a query to major studios, but -- I'm just saying...

I agree with Joe. Jeff, you do not? Seem standard fare to me. Either the new writer querying studios is a genius with GIANT BALLS or is delusional, likely delusional.

Let's say I just finished all 'my' rewrites but my rep hasn't seen it and I was at a party and met a studio exec who was like "Yo, whatcha working on?" I'd tell them, soft pitch, the 60 second pitch. My intent would be to merely prime them to be like "Sounds cool. Send it over when it's ready" (then get 'em drunk and have a good time, so they were like, yeah, dude's cool! I'll remember him.), so that later I could tell my reps: Yeah, got fukked up with so and so exec, they're expecting the script when it's ready. If the studio exec, instead, said "Cool. Send it tomorrow!" HELL NO! I ain't that confident. I've never had a script/bible not face notes from the rep. Never had a rep read it and say "Cool. Perfect. Let's go out with it as is." Has anyone else?

God knows these people are passing on almost everything in this climate. I'd want my material battle tested via manager/agent/producer. As many eyes on it as possible before it was an official submission. I mean, it's gonna mean way more to a studio exec if say, Jermey Kleiner walks it in vs me.
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