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Default Re: Secret service dilemma?

Just as there are thousands of "wannabee" VietNam vets, I suspect there are many former government employees that will claim to have had high profile (or low, however you want to see it) responsibility jobs within the Gov.

I retired from the Fed Gov after 30yrs (10 military, 20 with Diplomatic Security). I worked with many Secret Service Officers, from the juniors to the senior officers. the ladder they had to climb to get on the Protective Detail for high ranking diplomats, up to the President's detail was under constant scrutiny for any indication they might have reservations about what was expected from them; i.e. "take a bullet" for the person they were protecting.

their first five or so years were spent sweeping public places for threats against high ranking diplomats - that may, or may not, visit. junior officers never knew for certain whether there would be a visit or not.

Just as my own experiences in VietNam, working with SEALS and other Special Forces, enable me to detect the "wannabee" from the REAL heros (the REAL SEALS do not talk about their exploits), I think I could tell wannabee Secret Service from the REAL ones, just after a few miutes of conversation. They too, do not talk about their jobs - not even to their own families.

I'm just saying........
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