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Default Re: $300 million deal with Netflix

Originally Posted by Ed Geis View Post
Just saw in the NYTimes that producer Ryan Murphy just signed a 5-year deal with Netflix for $300 million. I had no idea the streaming services were spending that kind of money. Kind of hard to wrap your head around it.

I'm a new screenplay writer just getting into the business. Curious how this changing landscape is affecting the market for good writing or how writers should be marketing their wares.
Ryan Murphy was once where you are. He worked his ass off to get where he is now. Good for him.

As for streaming services? They are now what the studios were 30 years ago. Since the studios have basically stopped buying specs or innovating, that vacuum is filled with these streaming services. It doesn't change how you market your scripts at all. It does change the kinds of scripts you need to write. The era of the big budget spec script for new writers is over. You want to get noticed? For films, innovative low budget. Emphasis on story. Films that think out of the formula and story structure box. Films that stop saving the cat.

But the biggest difference comes with series. Limited short season series. There's no limit, besides budget, to what you can come up with. It will still take the same marketing strategies because the streaming services are now just as hard to get to as the studios have been in the past as they have adopted the studios submission policies. You still have to get your work to producers, production companies, managers, or agents. And it's still not easy. There are still no shortcuts. As a new writer, just know nothing happens fast. Nothing. There's no such thing as overnight success. And if you want this, you research the hell out of how it all works. And in the face of what looks like insurmountable odds, you never give up. People do succeed. But only because they did the work and understood what it actually takes.

Good luck on your journey.
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