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Default Re: Log The Line... LOGLINES

Well, I'm confused at how many scripts we are at now and if the 2 high concept ones are new or retreads. I have an idea box, so I'm not even talking about an idea you had in 2010, but didn't write, I'm talking about an idea you put on paper in 2006 and now in 2019 are trying to make happen.. that scares me as a writer.

Also, you are very strong with opinions on loglines, so it's ironic that you don't take your own advice sometimes. And I don't know if you have your old query, but you got 1 request from a agent, so that's pretty amazing and I bet 100 bucks that your logline was over written and not at all what you are preaching now to do. But guess what? It worked! So the one time you queried, you proved that your logline advice may not be so cut and dry....
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