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Originally Posted by dmizzo View Post
Victor Laszlo is the protagonist? Those are some serious semantic gymnastics you're attempting, Jim. Try not to pull something.
What does Ric ACTIVELY do in most of movie to advance the External action plot, except feel sorry for himself? Nothing until the final scene at the airport. Lazlo is the prime mover of the action - his presance, his influence his wife, and all the frantic activity these generate. It's Lazlo's cause (once Rik's) that Rik finally rallies to after he's solved his INTERNAL issue.

So Rik - internal struggle
Lazlo - external struggle

External struggles (for a noble cause) are surely what indicate a protagonist?

Lazlo was prepared to sacrifice his life for the struggle

Rik didn't stick his neck out... etc etc

But Rik has an ARC , while Lazlo doesn't. Does that make Rik the true Protag, AND MC? Or just the MC. ?
If Lazlo is just the mentor who gives Rik (other than his wife) the call to adventure, then the whole movie is just a first ACt

THANKS Instant You came to the same conclusion I did for the same reasons.

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