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Originally Posted by Mac H. View Post
I can see why they are all stories told by a point of view character narrating.

But where is the argument that the POV character/narrator is the 'main' character?

Surely 'main' character isn't necessarily the one narrating. If you someone what the movie 'The Castle' is about, they aren't going to say it's about a kid who doesn't do much - but has a father involved in a court case to save the house.

You'll say the film is about a guy going to court to save his house. The fact it's narrated/POV is from a kid doesn't make the kid the main character.

They would say the main character is the guy the story is about.

The narrator doesn't need to be the main character.

no, i said the storyteller is the protagonist, not the main character. in my examples the protagonist is telling a story about how the main character changed him or her life forever.*
this doesn't apply to every single movie. most times the main character and the protagonist are the same person. i was just showing that sometimes they're not.

*in shawshank - redd talks about how he spent so many years inside that he didn't think he could survive in the real world. remember when the first old guy got released and hung himself? redd thought he was on that same path but andy's desire to get out of that prison even after 17 years inspired him to survive out there. that's why redd is the protagonist and andy is the main character.

*mockingbird was a coming of age story. the story of the main character (atticus) was told by the protagonist (scout) and she was telling us how her greatness of her father changed her life forever.
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