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Originally Posted by JimHull View Post
I was wondering when the "what have you written" question was going to come up. I have sold something, but I don't think that kind of accomplishment has anything to do with whether or not someone truly understands story structure. There could very well be someone on this messageboard who knows more than I about how to write complete stories, yet hasn't sold a thing. Likewise, there are those who have sold plenty, yet still write stories that simply don't work.
Agreed. I love story structure. I can geek on it for hours - I can usually find something surprising that makes it worthwhile.

But I simply can't make sense of your system. I thought I found a way of understanding it, but it turns out that it isn't right either.

I don't expect to agree entirely with any system - the world is always much more complicated than simple models, but those models are still really useful.

But I can't figure out someone could use the system to develop a story. Because that is what I'm interested in.

If you can't point to one of your stories that was developed using this system, can you point to any others?

The OP felt compelled to write a story where the character we experience the story through was not the one driving the efforts to resolve the problems affecting everyone.
Exactly - the viewpoint/experience character isn't the protagonist. It's a very standard technique - even going back to Sherlock Holmes !

So why start renaming the viewpoint/experience character ? If you didn't do this your attempt to explain and communicate would have been a lot easier!

If you start your explanation by explaining that the true Main Character of the Sherlock Holmes story was Watson you are just going to get dismissed as a bizarre crank - just because you are using words in non-standard ways.

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