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Default Re: Open source software for screenwriters


For a long time we did not have news, and updates even longer So, I want to say that the next version of KIT Scenarist 0.7.2 beta 1 is available for download!

The first beta includes bug fixes and improvements to the functionality of the research module, as well as the dialog for initial setting of the application (the dialog will be displayed only after the first application launch).

New features and improvements:
added dialog for initial setting of the application;
added the ability to export research documents to a PDF file (Menu - Export - Export research);
when you import a project from the KITSP file, not only the script text is imported now, but all the research data;
added the ability to set the default font for the research text documents;
in text documents, added the ability to reset the text style (additional button on the toolbar of the text editor);
added the ability to save a mind map to an image file;
optimized application work with images (now projects with a lot of images will work much faster);
a power consumption of the program on hybrid video cards in Mac OS X was optimized;
added the translation of the program into Hebrew with the corresponding adaptation of the interface (now there are several problems with the interface layout from the right-to-left (statistics, settings, cursor), they will be fixed in future versions);
added spell checking dictionaries for Hebrew and Polish;
finalization templates for the Final Draft screenplay.

Fixed bugs:
fixed problem with the program crash when double-clicking on a project from the list of recent ones;
fixed the problem with updating the name of the current project in the list of recent projects when it is changed;
fixed the problem with jumps of text cursor when changing the name of the research document;
fixed a bug in the text editor, with losing text style (bold, italic, underline) after changing the font size;
another error of mental maps was corrected, which caused the application to crash;
fixed crash when working with projects with a large number of photos;
fixed errors in importing scripts from the FDX format.

The next beta will include bug fixes and updates of the cards module.

Once again I want to express my gratitude to you, friends. Thank you for your participation, for reporting errors, suggesting improvements, praising and scolding the program, for telling friends and acquaintances about it, and for joking about it so cute (hello Valery)! This is very important for the project, for its development, and of course, personally for me! Thank you very much!
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